Tra-la-la-la-la Spring is in the air. And I am a flower with nothing interesting to say. #itsSPRING! #abugslife #pixardisneylove

Hi 5 to healthy eating! :p (notice the 5 fingers on this strawberry!) #breakfast

Carolina Kitchen Coffee & Pumpkin Pie Time :D

Coconut and cocoa protein smoothie with peanut butter. #picniccafe

Picnic board with poached eggs, ham, rocket, avocado on rye sourdough with relish and goatscheese. So good. #picniccafe

So Good! Zucchini and corn fritters with sour cream, relish and halloumi #picniccafe

Smoothie time! #picniccafe

Nothing but the blood of Jesus <3 #instagodministries #Jesus #sundaymorning

Nice to add colour to a grey weathered Friday morning walk to work :)



Night night!